Lana Del Rey's set was one of the must-see performances during Governors Ball this year. And this one was a bit more special because she, along with the Black Keys, were closing out the evening as well as the overall festival. Unfortunately, her set hit a snag when hardly anyone in the audience could actually hear her sing on Sunday night (June 7).

The moment she started the first song, "Cruel World," no one could really hear her voice. While it was hard to tell whether her mic was too low or the band's instruments were too loud, this put a damper on the first half of the set. Not only did people start complaining amongst the crowd, but some fans also started chanting "Louder!"

And as she continued on to "Cola," "Blue Jeans" and "West Coast," some festival attendees -- fans or newbies to Lana's music -- fled the Honda Stage where she was performing and either made their ways home or to the main festival stage where the Black Keys were playing their show on the other side of Randall's Island in New York City. Many also expressed their complaints on social media, which you can see below.

Despite some fans leaving Lana's set, there were those who stayed no matter what they could and couldn't hear. And while Lana is known for her nonchalant facial expressions, she showed her appreciation by walking down to the crowd, not once but twice during the show, to take selfies with fans, receive a few presents and even get a kiss on the cheek from one boy. And the moment you see Lana with her fans, she starts to glow.

See some of the photos and video fans posted on Instagram.

While Lana didn't reveal any new hints regarding her upcoming record, fans who stayed for the whole performance were treated to a show by one of their favorite artists in the world. And unfortunately, the others will have to relive it through social media.