It's official! Lana Del Rey's foray into fashion has finally paid off, because the singer is now the new face of H+M's fall 2012 line. A picture from the campaign features a glaring Del Rey with sky high teased hair that would leave any cast member on the show 'Jerseylicious' green with envy. Of course, noticeably present are the singer's nude pouty lips, matching that of the peach angora sweater and pants she's wearing in the ad.

She's no stranger to the fashion world, though. The singer can cross off numerous accomplishments in the industry. She signed with Next Model Management back in January, was the inspiration behind a Mulberry handbag earlier this year (the bag is named after her), and once designed a line of Keds sneakers before the world was properly introduced to Del Rey.

Once self-dubbed as the gangster Nancy Sinatra, she's swapped her big gold hoops and dark red lips to channel a less hardcore version of Sinatra -- minus the blonde hair. Perhaps portraying Jackie O. in her 'National Anthem' video transitioned with her while shooting the ad campaign.

WWD was actually the first to unveil the retro-inspired ads, and Donald Schneider, H+M's creative director, confirmed the 60's mod-inspired style. "The mood is very L.A. noir. It’s inspired by our fall collection."

Echoing Schneider's sentiments is Chloe Bowers, H+M's public relations manager. "We were looking for a style icon and singer to model our fall collection and so Lana Del Rey was the perfect choice," she said to Grazia Daily. "The theme of the campaign is a modern and feminine woman with a soft attitude. Curves and waist are important in autumn’s silhouette with a focus on knitwear and tweed. The colors include powder tones and accessories in wine red."

Now as the face of H+M, a mini film featuring Del Rey singing a cover of 'Blue Velvet' will be featured on the retailers website come Sept. 19. An edited version of the song will also be featured in H+M commercials that will surely be soon to come.

Watch the Lana Del Rey 'National Anthem' Video