Lana Del Rey shared another song from Honeymoon today (September 15), just three days ahead of the album's release. "Salvatore" might be an even slower burn than the title track, but while the latter is a torch song, this one could soundtrack an old Italian film. Well, kind of: Lana busts out some foreign phrases over lush production, but when she finishes the chorus by dolefully singing "soft ice cream," it might jar you from your reverie (AND you'll want gelato). Listen below.

The track premiered on Huw Stephens' BBC Radio 1 show, and it was followed by a chat with the artist herself. She said the strings-laden song was "the most different from all the other tracks on the record. It has a little bit of an old world Italian feel. It's kind of a weirder song, but I love the chorus. It's filmic."

Weird indeed, but that's part of Lana's charm: Her songs are sullen one minute and silly the next, unafraid to dip into parody, all in the name of creating a mood.

We also learn that Lana loves to throw a couple vinyl records into her suitcase when she hits the road, "to just carry around like two good luck talismans." Which recent record is her favorite both musically and visually? Listen to the interview above to find out.

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