Former Gossip Girl actress Leighton Meester released her debut album, Heartstrings, last October to little fanfare, which is a shame. While most people were probably expecting some Kesha-lite release full of throwaway electro-pop rife with Auto-Tune and backed by big name producers  (and, don't get us wrong, that kind of music certainly has its place) Meester managed to deliver a respectable folk-pop album instead. It's a sound that works much better with her dreamy vocals and introspective lyrics, all of which she wrote herself.

In support of Heartstrings, she embarked on a three-month long tour earlier this year and during that time she dropped by the A.V. Club to deliver a dutiful cover of the classic ‘90s hit by the Cardigans, “Lovefool."

The cover itself isn’t much of a departure from the original, and that’s cool with us because there’s no point in messing with perfection. Leighton's voice is perfectly suited to the track, being equal parts sweet and needy. As for why she chose "Lovefool" in the first place, she said, "I chose it because I've always really liked it. I think it’s ironic and really cute and sounds super fun, but it’s also really desperate and I can relate."

It would be a lie to say she doesn't sound desperate here -- but that's what the song calls for, and if we didn't already know that she's happily married to once-upon-a-time-teen-dreamboat Adam Brody, we'd almost believe her.

Check out Leighton's cover of "Lovefool" in the video above.

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