t.A.T.u. announced that they were going on hiatus as a unit, and that the girls that comprised the group would be going their separate ways to embark on solo careers.

t.A.T.u member Lena Katina has already resurfaced with a new song and video called 'Never Forget,' which showcases her ethereal vocals set to symphonic Euro rock. She is holding her own without her former partner-in-crime Yulia Volkoa making music by her side, and she looks to be setting herself up for a successful solo sojourn.

The video opens with her sitting on a table in a flowy dress and then traipsing around as a ghost, while black clad pallbearers carry a coffin over their heads. She shows up at a funeral, complete with the framed photo on the casket. It's the perfect extended metaphor for saying goodbye to the past and moving forward in order to do something new.

She also hops into a red and white muscle car chauffeured by a midget, while tossing blood red roses out the sides, and strolls through a cemetery, walking towards the light. Again, the metaphor of life, death and being reborn certainly asserts itself in the 'Never Forget' video and make the point multiple times. The gothic imagery also helps make said point clear.

Don't expect Katina to fade into obscurity because t.A.T.u is. She is getting a second lease on life.

Watch the Lena Katina 'Never Forget' Video