Leroy Bell delivered an uninspiring performance of Lonestar's country hit 'I'm Already There' on 'X Factor' tonight, leaving all the judges except his own mentor, Nicole Scherzinger, with mostly critical comments when he was done.

Scherzinger chose the song for the 59-year-old singer as a tribute to fathers and sons across the world, but Bell didn't seem to fully connect with the material, appearing more than a bit tentative throughout his precious few minutes in the spotlight.

L.A. Reid immediately used the occasion to ramp up the seemingly encouraged (if not flat-out scripted) personality clashes between the judges that seem to be one of the hallmarks of 'X Factor:' "I can't tell you that I love the song choice, but I love your voice."

Paula Abdul was slightly more positive, stating, "you wrap your life experiences around every song, and that's what I love about you," before taking some kind of insider shot at Simon Cowell for not attending enough rehearsals.

Simon, as is his nature, was direct and cutting in his commentary, declaring "I think you have a confidence issue. I don't think Nicole gave you the right song. Once you connect with a song, you've got a fantastic voice."

Nicole defended her song choice as well as the sparse visual aspects of Bell's performance, explaining that "sometimes, less is more. I'm sure you've made your son, your family and all the fathers out there very proud."

Watch Leroy Bell Perform 'I'm Already There' on 'X Factor'