It's been more than a year since 'Frozen' first hit theaters, but for this adorable toddler, it's a totally new phenomenon. (Considering he was probably a newborn when the film came out, we'll cut him some slack.)

The sweet little boy is beyond excited when the grown-ups in his life press the button on his Elsa doll to make her speak. Well, to be fair, he couldn't care less about the fact that she's "Princess Elsa of Arendale and I can do snow magic" -- he just wants to hear 'Let It Go'! And when he does he totally loses it, throwing his arms in the air and dancing around the living room. SO precious. And because he's just that cute, he can't stop pressing the button, only freaking out as soon as 'Let It Go' starts playing. We can't even handle it.

Disney fans, 'Frozen' fanatics and everyone who just wants to put a smile on their faces -- we suggest you check out this little boy losing it over 'Frozen' in the vid above!

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