Liam Hemsworth is moving on mighty quickly from Miley Cyrus ... and maybe also from Eiza Gonzalez. The Aussie actor was spotted in New York City flirting up a storm with strangers.

PEOPLE reports that Hemsworth, 23, went to the upscale Ainsworth Park sports bar with pals including James Marsden. The boys began their outing with a round of beers and some burger sliders before moving on to the really fun stuff: tequila!

They started their day around 2:30PM and by the time they left at 7:30PM had racked up a bill totaling about $3,800.

Hemsworth reportedly paid more attention to spitting game than the watching the ones on TV, hitting on two unknown gals at the bar.

That probably won't sit well with his ex-fiancee.

A source told the Daily Mail, "Miley is extremely angry. She's saying she doesn't care about Liam, that she's better off without him, all that kind of stuff. But the truth is she's pretty devastated." The source added, "[Miley] totally believed that no matter what happened, she and Liam would work it all out. She thought he was her soul mate. Him just walking away like this and not fighting for her, is heartbreaking."

C'Mon, Cyrus. You've got a No. 1 (err, No. 2) single. Still, we think you'll be alright!