Well, here's a lil' twist -- literally -- that could 86 the Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez reunion, which is contingent on him cleaning up his act and avoiding bad behavior with his associates like rapper Lil Twist.

This morning (July 11), Lil Twist, a frequent Bieber hanger-on, was arrested for DUI in Calabasas, Calif. while driving The Biebs' sleek, chrome Fisker Karma.

TMZ reports that Twist, born Christopher Lynn Moore, was pulled over for speeding at 3:30AM on Parkway Calabasas. The rapper, 20, was on his way back to The Biebs' crib.

When the authorities approached the car, Twist appeared to be under the influence of a substance but he did not appear drunk. What substance he was influenced by is not clear at press time, but we can take a guess that it might have been green in hue. Twist was arrested and taken to a nearby station and booked for DUI.

While we don't know too much about Lil Twist, he certainly is trouble for Justin Bieber. He might be a nice guy, but it's time that The Biebs gets this dude OUT of his life. He has proven to have zero respect for his friend's home and belongings, and now he has no respect for others, since his behavior and driving while under the influence could hurt others.

Shame, shame, shame.