Lil Wayne doesn't like to be asked questions, especially from a lawyer. In one of the most insane videotaped legal proceedings ever, Weezy is downright hostile and forgetful in a deposition with Quincy Jones III's attorney Pete Ross.

This all stems from Weezy suing QDIII over the rights of a documentary that the producer filmed called 'The Carter.' The Young Money honcho claims he never gave permission to QDIII to use his music in the film.

During the video deposition (courtesy of TMZ), Wayne is feisty and aloof while being grilled with questions by Mr. Ross (from top-notch law firm Browne George Ross). As the interview progresses, Tunechi suddenly begins to have short-term memory loss. When asked if he ever served an 8-month prison sentence at Rikers Island in 2010, Weezy answers, "I don't remember that." Wayne doesn't even "recall" winning his Best Rap Album Grammy for the 'Tha Carter III' in 2008.

Soon Wayne gets fed up with the questioning and simply tells QDIII's attorney that the judge, "Can't save him in the real world."

"What does that mean?" asked Ross. "Is that a threat against us?" Wayne says no but we think otherwise.

"He can't save you," Wayne repeats again. "What does that mean?" Ross asked again. "I was talking to myself," Wayne responds.

You gotta watch the video. It's priceless.

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