UPDATE (1/19): Linda Perry has since taken back her comments regarding "'Til It Happens To You." Last night, the songwriter apologized for her tweets. "My sincere apologies. I made a mistake to comment. I wasn't in the room when the #TIHTY was being written," she wrote.

Last weekend, Lady Gaga took home her first Golden Globe for her portrayal of The Countess on the hit FX horror show American Horror Story: Hotel. But does Mother Monster not deserve her Oscar nomination for "Best Original Song"? According to superstar celebrity songwriter Linda Perry, that's pretty much the case.

On Monday, the former 4 Non Blondes artist rather abruptly alleged on Twitter that not only did Gaga not write nor conceive the original song "'Til It Happens to You," but she only contributed to the track by altering one lyric in the song. The song, which was written by Diane Warren and Gaga, is up for an Oscar this year after being featured in The Hunting Ground, a harrowing documentary on sexual assault. Gaga is currently nominated alongside Warren, who previously wrote classic contemporary film songs like "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith and "Because You Loved Me" by Celine Dion.

Early Monday morning (January 18), Perry began tweeting wildly about the pop superstar's co-writing nomination, alleging that "there was another artist that originally was gonna sing [it]" and that technically only one line had been changed from the original demo, "so sure, Gaga possibly 'rewrote' a line."

She then went on to claim that the reason for Gaga's inclusion on the track was simply a savvy business move, postulating that 1.) Gaga knew her chances for an Oscar nomination would be increased by working with industry veteran Warren and 2.) Warren knew that with Gaga on the track, the song would receive the promotion and buzz it would need to (hopefully) bring home the gold and otherwise guarantee commercial success.

Of course, Gaga's Little Monsters did not take too kindly to Perry's criticism of their queen, and so, the songwriter was quick to add towards the end of her diatribe, "There's no bitterness, I've stated Gaga killed this song—so powerful, so blown away by her performance."

Why Linda Perry decided to suddenly go off on Twitter in the middle of the night about this subject is a mystery, though it may be worth mentioning that earlier this year Perry was gunning for a nomination for her song with Miley Cyrus, "Hands of Love," from the film Freeheld.

Lady Gaga has yet to respond to the allegations. You can read Perry's rant below:

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