Look, I get it: you're really, really thirsty for new music from recording artist, accent inventor, 2020 presidential hopeful and activist, Lindsay Dee Lohan. We all are.

But don't believe every headline you see.

Two days ago (Dec. 18), a fake YouTube account called "LindsayLohanVEVO" — which is actually LindsayLohanDaily if you look at the URL, as opposed to the actual (empty) LindsayLohanVEVO — uploaded a supposed "new" single, called "Walka Not A Talka (feat. Mya and Snoop Dogg)."

Apart from the fact that Lindsay's song already leaked at least five years ago (sorry if you didn't know already, fake fan), it's not even Lindsay's song — it's Mya's.

So, how did "Walka Not A Talka" come into Lilo's world to begin with?

As a representative from the newly Best R&B Album GRAMMY-nominated Smoove Jones singer's team tells me, Mya wrote, and owns the rights, to the J. R. Rotem-produced track. Both Lindsay Lohan and Mya were at the same label (Universal Motown) at the time over a decade ago when an A&R gave the song to Lindsay Lohan to record as a reference track. (Snoop even mentions Mya in his rap.) Before anything else could happen, Mya left the label, releasing it on her own studio album, Liberation, in 2007.

And there's more: David LaChapelle was originally supposed to direct the "Walka Not A Talka" video for Mya, with Patricia Field tapped for styling — but the then-head of marketing of the label thought it was "too weird." (Mya left shortly thereafter.)

As for Lilo's own music career? She swears she's got a third album due to follow-up 2005's A Little More Personal (Raw) — and she damn well be a walka not a talka.

Listen to both Mya's "Walka Not A Talka," and Lindsay Lohan's version, below.

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