We may be a few days shy of Thanksgiving, but LMFAO transported us to summer with their 2011 American Music Awards performance of their ubiquitous 'Party Rock Anthem,' which was the most-played song of the warm months. The duo mashed up their summer hit with their current jam 'Sexy and I Know It,' which was the final performance of the star-studded event. One might say that LMFAO closed the show with a sexy party, to borrow a phrase from Stewie Griffin of 'Family Guy.'

Party rock was most definitely in the house tonight and everyone was having a good time. When the duo took the stage, the crowd was about to lose its mind. There was plenty of shuffling, wiggling, light sticks and 3D glasses in the crowd. But the crown jewel of the performance was Justin Bieber.

The Biebs, looking street hip in yellow leopard print pants and a cut off black t-shirt, shuffled his a-- off while the LMFAO dudes chanted 'Go Bieber.' An already awesome performance was elevated by The Biebs and his moves.

By the time LMFAO launched into 'Sexy and I Know It,' full scale bacchanalia erupted onstage, as the duo stripped down to their skivvies, complete with smiley faces on the front. It was only when the final looped beat faded out that David Hasselhoff revealed himself as a wiggler.

Never Hassel the hoff! We take back what we said about The Biebs being the crown jewel of this performance. That honor goes to Hasselhoff.

Watch LMFAO Close Out the 2011 American Music Awards