A viral TikTok featuring the rescue of a pig named Pearl by California farm sanctuary The Gentle Barn has left many online accusing influencer Logan Paul of abandoning his pet pig.

"Pearl was found alone in a field next to another pig who had passed away. She came to us with tattered ears and a potentially life-threatening infection in her uterus that has since been healed," the sanctuary wrote in the TikTok.

"From what we've been told, it's believed she was purchased originally from a breeder by an influencer. People often buy 'mini pigs' or 'teacup pigs' for clout online, believing they will stay small. When they inevitably grow very large and have many unexpected needs, they're sadly discarded," The Gentle Barn continued.

The sanctuary also claimed they were told "she belonged to a famous YouTuber" and was "irresponsibly re-homed" and that she's "lucky to still be alive."

Watch the full rescue video, below:

Many believe that the rescued pig is the very same named Pearl that Paul purchased in 2018.

Pearl's adoption by Paul was filmed for his 2018 YouTube vlog "CHLOGAN'S FIRST DAUGHTER!"

The same year, he launched an official Instagram account for Pearl, which has inexplicably since been deleted.

Notably, in February 2020, Paul tweeted, "i bought pearl over a year ago. i was told she was a mini pig... she’s not."

attachment-Screenshot 2023-01-10 at 11-30-54 Logan Paul on Twitter

While it remains unconfirmed if the Pearl rescued by The Gentle Barn is indeed Paul's pet pig, many people on social media are alleging they are one in the same.

While the pig in the viral video has not been officially confirmed as Paul's pig, many fans are alleging that they are the same.

In a duet of the original TikTok, internet personality and podcaster Ethan Klein wrote, "Logan Paul abandoned his pet pig after using it for social media clout," alongside a screenshot of Paul's 2020 tweet about Pearl.

On Twitter, Klein added, "Ok, now we can all agree. F--- Logan Paul."

Warning: Graphic language contained in some tweets below

More people, including YouTuber Tyler Oakley, expressed outrage at Pearl's alleged treatment by Paul, who has a reputation for carelessness on the internet.

"Someone tell me now why @LoganPaul’s pig Pearl was found sick and abandoned in a field next to a dead pig. Pearl has now been rescued by @TheGentleBarn WTF," one person tweeted.

Another person referenced Paul's 2017 controversy in which he filmed the body of a dead person in a forest in Japan and uploaded it to YouTube.

"If I had a nickel for every time that Logan Paul was associated with a dead body found in the middle of nowhere, I’d have two nickels. which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it’s happened twice," they tweeted.

"Logan Paul should have been punted into the sun after the evil s--- he pulled in Japan," another person tweeted, adding, "There is no such thing as a mini pig! They will not stay tiny!"

However, "on a positive note," one Twitter user noted The Gentle Barn "is close to my house and I've toured it before. They take really good care of their animals and they have a bunch of pigs. Pearl will have a good life going forward."

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