Logan Paul can't stop, won't stop stirring up trouble for himself.

The latest development? On Friday (February 9), YouTube announced that they have have temporarily removed all advertising from Paul's channel, which currently boasts 16.6 million subscribers.

The announcement was made on the YouTube Creators Twitter account, which pointed to the self-described "Maverick's" "recent pattern of behavior" as grounds for the suspension.

However, some believe that the suspension was caused by a video uploaded to Paul's channel on February 5, which shows the 22-year-old vlogger tasering dead rats as well as removing a sick koi fish from its pond to perform CPR on it.

After users alerted PETA to the video, the animal rights organization confirmed that it had contacted YouTube and asked for the clip's removal.

The latest controversy is just one of many in a string of poor decisions made by and dramatic incidents surrounding Paul.

Back in December, Paul came under fire for making light of suicide in a video that showed the body of a deceased man found in a Japanese forest known for being a suicide spot. YouTube cut ties with him over the incident, which drew media coverage from across the globe.

Paul was also threatened with a lawsuit from a clothing company and, earlier this month, had a brush with death when his parachute failed to deploy during a skydiving excursion.

Just this week, Paul was forced to make a citizen's arrest after an intruder broke into his house.

TMZ reports that several unannounced projects, including a film titled Airplane Mode, are now on hold after YouTube cut ties with the web star.

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