Louis Tomlinson has taken to Twitter to lash out at a journalist who he believed was insinuating that he was gay in a recent article.

Directioners, here's how it went down: UK's the Independent published an article with the headline, "Louis Tomlinson supports gay Apple CEO Tim Cook - days after Harry Styles' comments on gender and sexuality." While the article doesn't actually allude to Tomlinson's own orientation, it does imply that he purposely sported a rainbow Apple logo T-shirt in support of Tim Cook and possibly Harry, whose recent off-hand comment about what he looks for in a girl had everyone freaking out.

Louis seemed to feel that the article implied that he was gay, and he took to Twitter to lash out at the journalist who penned the article, writing:

"F---ing ridiculous I even have to tweet that s--t !" he concluded.

While the journalist may have been reading too far into Louis' fashion choices, she did not actually imply that he was gay -- just supporting the community. To be fair, though, we can't even imagine how many "Larry" tweets that Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles receive on a daily basis, so we can see how Louis would be irritated with the constant implication that he's something he's not.

Directioners, what do you think about the situation?

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