Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, heir to the throne of the Queen of Pop Madonna, Material Girl, and still The Best Pop Star We've Never Had (Yet), continues to follow in her mother's footsteps — this time as an #UnapologeticInstagramBitch.

The newly 19-year-old daughter of pop royalty, who just celebrated her birthday with a mid-Rebel Heart Tour midriff-baring Madge in Santa Monica alongside siblings Rocco, Mercy and David — has been slowly-but-surely showcasing her genuinely cool, #fashionable style in the public eye over the past year, from her pale grey locks, to her septum piercing, down to her cross ring-adorned fingers. (As if we already didn't want to be Lola by association alone, now she's seriously looking the part as the princess of pop royalty.)

And now, it seems she's gone and taken a bold new step in her gradual self-styling, this time by dressing herself up — quite permanently — in her mom and dad's love. (At least, based on an Instagram on her brother Rocco's account.)

Her knuckles, seemingly freshly tatted in black ink, now read: "M-O-M" and "D-A-D."

LOLA MARIA. Your mother is going to be SO pissed! Or, well, maybe she's not: Since her hair isn't grey in this photo as it was just a few days ago, is this actually an older photo? Are those even real tattoos, or simply sibling shenanigans?

M-Dolla really shouldn't be too surprised that she gave birth to a couple of #RebelHearts causing a commotion on social media. Whether it's fake or real, it's really quite a sweet gesture. (That being said, "L-U-V M-A-D-O-N-N-A" would have fit too. There's still some time to fix that just in case, Lola.)

Now then, about that whole pop music debut: You've got the look down. You've got the connections. Hop on a Diplo banger — or actually, maybe team up with Lorde to create the ultimate downtempo pop duo, LORDS — and let's continue the Ciccone legacy. No pressure, but we're all counting on you.

Happy birthday, young Queen in the making.

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