Machine Gun Kelly celebrated his 33rd birthday on Saturday (April 22), but the party resulted in a police helicopter issuing a demand for everyone to leave as the multi-genre artist was seen wielding a very active flamethrower.

As to why MGK felt it necessary to equip himself with the fire-spewing weapon, that remains unclear. Was he using it to light candles on a birthday cake? Probably not. Perhaps simply because it's badass? That's all pure speculation, but it was his birthday and he was clearly doing what he wanted.

What is clear, however, is that the police were not thrilled and issued demands to those in attendance, as captured in a video clip shared on MGK's Instagram.

In the video, a police offer says through a loudspeaker, "Party's over. You guys need to leave. [Indecipherable] are going to be handed out." Defeated, the musician accepts the terms, extinguishes the active flame and holds the flamethrower down by his side.

"I just told some people to come over," he captions, adding a shrug emoji.

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Some of his peers, including Attila's Chris Fronzak, Jelly Roll and The Word Alive's Telle Smith, weighed in on the comments, poking fun at the situation.

"But I just got here," quipped Fronzak, while Jelly Roll added, "I'm on the way," and Smith posted, "Coming to the next one." Celebutante Paris Hilton even got in on it, commenting, "Lit," alongside a fire emoji, following be "lol" and a party face emoji.

Maybe MGK will get a shot at redemption this Friday (April 28) when he takes the stage at Kelce Jam, the inaugural music festival put on by star NFL tight end Travis Kelce of the Super Bowl-winning Kansas City Chiefs. After all, the stage is a much more appropriate place for pyrotechnic and flame-throwing stunts.

See all of his upcoming world tour dates here and head to this location for tickets.

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