Rapper Machine Gun Kelly maybe a wild boy, but the Bad Boy Records artist shows off his sensitive side in his new video for 'Invincible' Feat. Ester Dean. In the Isaac Rentz-directed clip, we watch the everyday struggles of several different people: a grief-stricken MGK, a bullied teen, a preacher, a pregnant woman, two pranksters, and a boxer.

In the first story, MGK is in a hospital caring for his sick child and praying that she will get better. In another story, a black teen fights back against a bully and comes out unscathed. We also see a young woman deal with an unwanted pregnancy as she is being consoled by her boyfriend. There's also a preacher who has conquered his own demons and is now helping his congregation overcome their struggles.

Meanwhile, two pranksters decide to steal a police car and go for a joy ride. We later see the pair relaxing on the car roof reflecting on their lives (and if they get caught, their time being spent in jail). Finally, we see a boxer who is in training, contemplating his next big fight in the ring.

The underdog anthem 'Invincible' was produced by Alex Da Kid and singer-songwriter Ester Dean singing the hook. The song will appear on Machine Gun Kelly's debut album 'Lace Up,' which is expected to hit stores this summer.

Watch the Machine Gun Kelly 'Invincible' Feat. Ester Dean