At the age of 15, Madison Beer is already creating infectious pop tunes — like her latest single ‘Unbreakable’ — that'll get you and your speakers bumping.

The pretty brunette chose the theme of remaining true to oneself for her new song and video. The ‘Unbreakable’ vid starts off with the singer holding balloons emblazoned with downhearted messages like, “Who am I” and “I’m flawed.” The singer jumps around and belts out inspiring lyrics such as, “We’re gonna run through your fire / Like we’ve never been burned / We’re gonna laugh out loud / Like we’ve never been hurt / We’re gonna shout it out to the edge of the world / We’re unbreakable.”

Madison’s uplifting lyrics serve their purpose and the balloons’ messages transform into feel-good statements: “You’re special,” “I dream” and “I matter.”

The young singer is lucky enough to have Justin Bieber as a mentor, and she turned to him for his advice when she began receiving hate on social media.

“The whole ‘Unbreakable’ theme is that you have to be strong and not read into mean things,” she told HollywoodLife. “Even Justin would say to me: ‘You can’t read it, even though it’s upsetting.’”

That’s some pretty solid advice, Biebs!

Check out Madison Beer’s new video up above.