Following an intense month that featured song leaks and speculative global tour itineraries, which were never confirmed, Madonna and her new music are back in the news. Word is that Madge recorded a ballad called 'Masterpiece' for her directorial debut 'W.E.' (which she promoted on the cover of Harper's Bazaar recently). Perhaps that title is a reference to the film and the song? Madge, after all, is not known for being subtle or modest.

According to Pink is the New Blog, 'Masterpiece' was recorded by William Orbit and will play over the film's closing credits. It'll appear on the soundtrack from the film and will likely find a home on the Material Girl's new album, which may see a spring release.

With 'W.E.' on tap to open in theaters shortly, fans will get a taste of the song if they go to see the film. That's what we call cross promotion with multiple platforms and it's a brilliant marketing move on Madge's part.

A Madonna fan -- and they are a dedicated bunch -- posted some of the lyrics from the song on fan site Said fan attended a screening of 'W.E.' and took notes on the lyrics. See what we mean about dedicated?

If the fan is accurate, the lyrics go a little something like this:

"It hurts so much to be in love with a masterpiece / Nothing is indestructible / When I first saw you … All the darkness turned to light / It seems to me it’s what you like / And honestly it’s not fun to always be the chosen one / I’m right by your side / Like a thief in the night."

Pretty words, and we're sure a pretty song. It's probably another 'Masterpiece' for the Madonna catalog.