Madonna, Queen of Pop™, doesn't just make music, post selfies and smash piñatas in the shape of Donald Trump's face — she's also the owner of a skincare line called MDNA Skin.

While promoting her line's release in China in a newly shot promotional video, Billboard's 2016 Woman of the Year revealed her forthcoming plans for world domination, including the release of her Rebel Heart Tour special (airing on Showtime in December) and, oh dear — wait for it: directing another film.

"I hope I'm gonna be directing a film. So, how do you like those apples?" she sasses in a newly surfaced promotional video for the line.

This is, of course, a devastating threat chock full of unwanted apples: not since 2011's W.E. has her fanbase been forced to endure one of her cinematic side projects. (2013's #secretprojectrevolution, at least, felt like a really ambitious tour backdrop.)

Above all, this could distract her from recording a new album anytime soon, unless she's got a soundtrack song(s) planned: we did get "Masterpiece" out of W.E., at least.

In another clip, M-Dolla bursts into song, inspired by her MDNA Rose Toner, which captures her "favorite smell in the world" — just don't ask her about hydrangeas.

"Gonna spray your face with toner! / All over, all over," she tauntingly sing-songs, "Dress You Up" style, at an unsuspecting subject before dousing their face in spritzes of the stuff. (The attendant's face is priceless.)

Watch Madge test her toner, and our patience, below.