The Queen of Pop may now be known as the Queen of Popping Out of Her Bra. Madonna flashed a boob to her Istanbul audience this past Thursday (June 7).

This was no wardrobe malfunction a la Janet Jackson, either. During a performance of her 1995 hit 'Human Nature,' Madge went right in there and pulled her bra down, exposing her nipple to the 50,000-fan crowd. For their part, based on their screams, they seemed to love it -- unless they were just shrieking from shock. Because honestly, Madonna seems to be running out of ways to garner shock in any other way anymore.

Following the nip "slip" (though let's be real, it's not a "slip" if you yank it out), the Material Girl proceeded to unzip her pinstripe trousers, turn her back to the audience and stood for the rest of the track with her hand down her pants. Keepin' it classy! The Daily Mail reports that soon afterward, Madonna pulled her pants back up and launched, perhaps deliberately ironically, into 'Like a Virgin.' We see what you did there, Madge!

While fans were pretty unfazed by the brief peep show, Madonna's critics were pretty predictably riled up -- but not in the way she likely wanted. Instead of reveling in the purported shock value of the move, most non-fans just rolled their eyes and muttered about what seems an awful lot about desperation. Madonna is one of the planet's biggest and best entertainers, and, truth be told, she shouldn't need to resort to measures like this for attention. Perhaps she really is terrified of losing her crown to Lady Gaga.

Watch Madonna Flash Her Nipple in Istanbul [NSFW]