Oops, she did it again!

First a nipple and now her rear end! Madonna has no fear, and not just because she has those very words scrawled on her back. In this NSFW live video from the Rome stop of her MDNA tour last night (June 12), she intentionally flashed her butt.

Now, this was by all means intentional and not an accident or a wardrobe malfunction. Madge wanted her fans to see her shapely derriere and dropped her pants on purpose.

It's somewhat NSFW in that you see each of her cheeks, but the Material Girl is still wearing a black thong and fishnets. More like dental floss, actually. She turned around and slowly and methodically mooned her fans. Gasp!

Madge is of Italian origin -- hello, her real last name is Ciccone -- and she happily flashed some flesh to the people of her fatherland. It was provocative and sexy, since she was so deliberate about it.

While we've been giving Madge some flack for her Lady Gaga diss, we love that she is up to her old sexed up tricks on tour. As a 53-year-old mom of four, she looks pretty fine!

Madge is also keeping tongues wagging on the MDNA tour, from her flashes of skin to her usage of a loaded symbol to her Gaga diss.

Watch Madonna Flash Her Rear End in Rome

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