With Gaga, Rihanna and Beyonce soaking up the lion's share of attention right now, there's a brilliant way for Madonna to shift the focus back to her, and that's through leaked snippets of her new music.

She is currently hard at work on her new album, so the buzz is beginning to build. While Madonna likely isn't even the direct source of these short but sweet leaks, the snippets are enough to get us talking.

Two clips of the alleged new single 'Give Me All Your Love' have leaked, totaling about 20-30 seconds of new music from Madge.

From six or seven cursory listens, the song is peppy and girly pop that reminds us of earlier eras of the Material Girl's career and has almost a youthful, '60s girl group energy as she repeats "Give me all your loving" and "Give me your love today."

There's also some studio treatment on the vocals, where Madge sounds like she is singing under water. Vocal effects are nothing new; at least it's not Madge on Auto-tune -- that's not something we'd be stoked about. The snippets make us want to get up and dance. It's only a half-minute or so of music, but we're liking what we hear.

Take a listen and tell us what you think of new Madonna. The singer's new album, which is currently untitled, is due to drop next year.

Listen to Snippets of Madonna 'Give Me All Your Love'

Madonna Give Me All Your Love Clips by hardcandymusic