Is there anyone Madonna won't battle with? No one and nothing, not even the estate of a dead, iconic actor, is safe.

Madge is reportedly locking horns with legendary screen star Marlon Brando's estate over $300,000 related to her usage of images of Brando in her live shows.

The Material Girl namedrops Brando, as well as Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe and Jimmy Dean, among others, in her smash hit 'Vogue.' According to NME, Madonna pays fees to the estates of the deceased celebrities mentioned since she uses images of them to correspond with the lyrics.

The majority of the intellectual property rights of the famed people she mentions are owned by CMG Worldwide. Brando's, however, is controlled by his estate. Madge and her touring company Bhatki had requested CMG help them cut a deal with Brando Enterprises to secure the rights to use the images during her Super Bowl performance. She negotiated a fee of $3,750 per celebrity. The fee was upped to $5,000 for her subsequent live shows.

However, Brando's team has now demanded a whopping $20,000 for each time his image is used. CMG is suing Brando's estate from breach of contract and the case is moving to federal court in Indianapolis, with the actor's team arguing Madge violated intellectual property rights at 90 shows, meaning she could have to fork over $300,0000.

Perhaps Madge should rethink using these images when they come at such a dear price. Then again, she's Madonna -- this could amount to chump change for her!

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