It looks like Madonna has sparked some upset among fans after posting a few images on her Instagram account that some have deemed controversial. She took to the photo-sharing app to post images of Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and Bob Marley that were altered to look like her album artwork.

The cover of 'Rebel Heart,' Madonna's upcoming release, shows Madonna's face covered with a black cord. Once she posted the photoshopped images that took on the same appearance (with captions like "This #rebelheart had a dream!" and "This #rebelheart fought for freedom!"), users put her on blast in the comments section, accusing her of insensitivity.

User beate_abbey said (quote via PEOPLE): "To lessen Mandela's and Dr. King's achievements as far as making their faces involuntarily a part of a marketing campaign for some irrelevant pop music is just a huge perception disorder. I'm already unnerved by all these pictures with strings in people's faces. This despair is such a cringe factor. It's a pity."

Another user, juliabomboolia said: "Why deface a legend? This is disgraceful." Though some fans still supported her, with user madghektor saying: "This is true art!"

What do you guys feel about the images Madonna posted on her Instagram? You can check them out over on her page, here, and weigh in.

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