Some media outlets (and the ever-insufferable, career-long Madge-hater Piers Morgan) might be utterly outraged by Madonna and her accidental (?) exposure of the boob of her 17-year-old #UnapologeticBitch of the evening. But if you ask the actual person from whence this errant boob came — she don't give a.

As is customary with each Rebel Heart Tour concert, M brought up a fan to join her in frolicking down the runway to "Unapologetic Bitch," flipping off the crowd, doing some spanking and engaging in general #RebelHeart merriment. In the case of last night's show in Brisbane (March 17) however, the #UnapologeticBitch was a 17-year-old fan. And during their usual post-performance banter, Madonna got a little too excited.

"She's the kinda girl you just wanna slap on the ass and pull—oh, s--t," she exclaimed after her fan's top fully came off with a quick tug. "Sorry. Sexual harassment. You can do the same to me if you'd like."

The two laughed and hugged it out. But as soon as footage hit the web, the damage was already done: Headlines quickly erupted. "Madonna pulls down a female fan's top and exposes her bare breast in Brisbane." "Madonna exposes teen fan's breast at concert." "You dirty old woman! If Madonna was a man she would just have made herself a pariah, says PIERS MORGAN."

So, all the world is now outraged at Madonna. (What else is new?) But does that include the actual person she exposed?

Based on an interview with the Daily Mail, it appears the 17-year-old fan is, uh...pretty cool with the whole thing, thanks.

"It was nothing. It was so nothing. It was a funny little slip-up, and that was it. If anything, it was a bonding moment with Madonna. I didn't even think of it! It was so nothing to's ridiculous to me that it's such a big deal right now."

"Honestly, I don't think she did anything wrong," she added with a laugh.

And for everyone outraged on the fan's behalf, she'd like you to know: That's none of your business. “Only I get to decide if I’m humiliated or not – why would people assume I am humiliated by my own breast, nipple or body?” she told The Courier Mail.

Prior to this particular incident, Madge has already received a whole host of unsavory headlines about "meltdowns" while down under for the final leg of her Rebel Heart Tour in Australia, including her unhinged (and, at times, uncomfortable) Tears Of A Clown one-off show — a free performance for fans. She's since responded to those claims of her being drunk or high, which she calls "sexism and misogyny."

Truly a big week for freeing the nipple all around.

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