When it comes to receiving gifts from fans, most celebrities would be thrilled over a beautiful bouquet of flowers -- that is, unless you're Madonna and those beautiful flowers just happen to be hydrangeas.

The 'Hung Up' songstress proved that she is quite the diva when it comes to her floral arrangements while she was in Venice promoting her new film 'W.E.' over the weekend. At first, Madonna looked happy when a fan approached her at a press conference. However, the happiness quickly turned to dismay.

The fan thoughtfully brought the singer a small bouquet of hydrangeas, and handed them over while quickly saying hello. After Madge received the gift, she immediately tucked the flowers under the table she was seated at. She then leaned over to an associate at the podium and audibly whispered "I absolutely loathe hydrangeas." We're no experts, but they look pretty to us...

Sheesh! What ever happened to being gracious and thankful no matter what gift you are receiving! It's truly the thought that counts in the long run, right? Plus, it's not like her boyfriend was giving her hydrangeas, it was a fan! You know, the people that keep her in the spotlight?

Oh well. We guess Madonna really is a 'Material Girl' when it comes down to the details, even if someone is trying to do something nice for her.

Watch Madonna Hating on Hydrangeas at the Venice Film Festival