After landing in the bottom two for the second time last week on ‘X Factor,’ Marcus Canty had a lot to prove tonight.

Hitting the stage surrounded by neon clad dancers that provided a rainbow of a backdrop, Canty took on the Chaka Khan classic ‘Ain’t Nobody.’ It’s a gutsy move to take on such a classic, but the risk seemed to pay off.  His vocals were on key and overall the performance was an impressive one.

After his performance, all four judges sang his praises. Nicole Scherzinger chimed in with some positive feedback, saying, “You took us to church and the dance club at the same time.” Paula Abdul agreed, saying, “As far as I’m concerned, it’s an even playing field and you performed the way you did the first time we saw you.”

Simon Cowell was equally impressed with both Canty’s performance as well as how he approached it, saying, “I have to say that was a very good performance.  I have to give you credit, I like people who don’t act like victims or blame other people -- you came back strong.”

For his second performance, Canty was allowed to select his own song, but with only less than 24 hours to practice it. He knew his hopes and dreams were on the line, admitting, “I’m scared, this could be my last chance, I don’t want to go home.”

He opted for the Leon Russell song, ‘A Song for You,’ and delivered a heartfelt and reverent performance.

After his second performance, the judges were almost all in agreement that the performance was a game-changer, with Paula calling it, “one of his best performances that she witnessed, your eyes do not lie and you’re a true story teller.”

Nicole was just as complimentary saying, “Marcus, thank you for reminding us all why we fell in love with you from the start. That was so honest and had so much grace. You remind me of a young Al Green, and that means your talent it timeless.”

Simon wasn’t quite as impressed. He thought it was good but wasn’t “jumping out of his chair.” He said he would have preferred more of a twist on the song.

L.A. Reid weighed in last and with a very impactful message, saying, “Muhammad Ali got knocked down twice and he came back like a champion, you hit the bottom twice and you came back like a champion.”

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