Marcus Canty, an 'X Factor' Season 1 finalist, recruited rapper Wale for a BBQ and a block party in Brooklyn in his 'In & Out' video.

Canty dances on subway steps, since the song is a low-riding club banger, and hangs with his bros, eyeballs the honies, like a playa, but with a wink and a nudge. Canty is too nice and too cute to be a serious player!

The vid captures the merriment of late summer, with skateboarders and hordes of people just chilling on a front stoop in Brooklyn. Plumes of smoke from the BBQ grill fill the air and a good time is had by all.

Wale is on site and keeps the party going, with his Brooklyn cap in full view. He and Marcus look like bros with their arms around each other, and they engage fellow revelers in some dancing. With a song this freakin' catchy, how can you not dance?

Overall, the vid is an ode to lazy, late summer days, when the season is fading away but it's still warm and daylight still shows her face until around 7PM!

The ending is cute, when Marcus' "player" side is buuuussssttteeeddd!

Notice, though, in one scene when we see only his profile, while he's talking up some girl and wearing aviator shades and a denim jacket, he resembles Kanye West. Don't you agree?