Former 'X Factor' contestant Marcus Canty has dropped his new single 'In & Out,' featuring an assist from 'Lotus Flower Bomb'rapper Wale.

Canty, who made his mark as a smooth, R&B crooner during the season and has the full support of mentor (and Epic Records chief) L.A. Reid, has switched horses for this jam. The dark song gallops with beats and the singer's dreamy voice is not as evident here. That's not a bad thing, though!

'In & Out' boasts a harder and more beat-driven sound, thanks to the help of hard-hitting emcee Wale. The thunderous percussion and the "won't quit" beat almost mimic coitus, hence the 'In & Out' title and lyrics about being "in and out of love."

Canty puffs his chest a little, singing "You just can't knock me down." His brims with confidence, lyrically and vocally.

Wale tosses his raps into the mix halfway through, furthering the song's tougher-than-expected edge. It's percussion heavy and more hip-hop leaning than R&B, but it's a modern sound for Canty. The singer's Epic Records debut is on the horizon and coming soon.

His earlier single 'Won't Make a Fool Out of You' was much more familiar Canty territory, but we like how he is branching out and trying something edgy with 'In & Out.' He can woo you with his voice and yank you onto the dance floor, too. That's what we call well-rounded!

'In & Out' is Marcus Canty's club banger.

Listen to Marcus Canty 'In & Out' Feat. Wale