Marcus Canty may have gotten his big break on 'X Factor,' but he's quickly on his way to establishing himself as a bonafide R&B star. The super suave and equally as funny crooner recently stopped by the PopCrush office to discuss his forthcoming EP, slated for release on Oct. 30, and the upcoming season of 'X Factor.' He also partook in a game of Pop the Question, showing off some serious dart skills and answering some embarrassing questions for our enjoyment.

First of all, if he ever decides to go for a career change, we would suggest Marcus Canty goes into the world of professional dart throwing -- dude has DEAD aim! He hit every balloon he aimed for on the first try, and was a great sport when it came to answering the blush-worthy questions. Check out the video above to see Marcus talking about the worst job he's ever head, demonstrating his go-to dance move, showing off his less-than-perfect rap skills and dishing on his celebrity crush.

Earlier, before we found out that Canty is a killer dartsman, the 'In & Out' singer sat down to answer some more serious questions, like what's in store for his forthcoming EP. Canty described the overall sound of his EP, which will either contain between seven and eight songs -- one of them being his 'In & Out' collabo with fellow D.C. native, Wale -- saying, "I'm excited about the whole thing. It's hard because there's a lot of timeless music on there. There's a lot of music that's gonna be relevant for a long time."

Canty, who is currently out on his U.S. college tour, also discussed the possibility of returning to the 'X Factor' stage that made him famous. "I may go back on the 'X Factor,' even just to encourage the new contestants, because it's a lot of pressure. I feel like the best way to go through it is to be yourself. I know everyone always says that, but sometimes you want to be something that you're not instead of trying to create your own. You always gotta keep a little piece of yourself inside so people can connect with it."

As for the new judging panel on 'X Factor'? Marcus Canty still praises his girl Paula Abdul, but he admitted that he was excited to see Demi Lovato and Britney Spears seated beside Simon Cowell and the man who signed him, L.A. Reid. "I don't know too much about Demi except that she's gorgeous. But Britney, she's Britney Spears. Enough said. She's done it. She knows."