Want to see how things shook out on the set of Marcus Canty's video for his hot new jam 'In & Out,' featuring Wale?

Well, you can, since PopCrush has a whole mess of exclusive photos from the video shoot that we are happy to share with you. The images capture the excitement of the shoot, and the chill, good time vibe of the video, which took place at a block party.

The video features Canty, an alum of Season 1 of 'X Factor,' eyeing the honies and acting like a bit of a player, while he and his pals spend their time hanging on a stoop in an urban setting, dancing and enjoying a late summer BBQ. It made us miss the warm weather days, that's for sure.

We've got 10 exclusive shots from the shoot, and we see a candid Canty, who has a terrific, infectious smile, doing his thing, looking good in a denim jacket and aviator shades while macking on the ladies and dancing with his bros. Some images are posed, while other snapshots capture moments from filming, and it's as though Canty and the cast aren't even aware of the camera.

We're essentially offering a first-person photo album from the shoot. Dive in and enjoy! The day-on-the-set photos will make you feel like you were an extra for 'In & Out.'

Watch the Marcus Canty 'In and Out' Video