Heads up 'X Factor' fans, and more specifically, Marcus Canty lovers: The R&B favorite has since signed to Epic and has delivered his single, 'Won't Make a Fool Out of You.'

The song centers around hat buttery smooth voice we came to know and love during the fall. It's a lazy, sexy, finger-snapping R&B ode, designed for sipping champagne, eating some strawberries and tastefully showing some skin while on a romantic date. Canty doesn't shoot for the sky or the high notes; instead, he sticks to his mid-level range but it's just as effective. He steps it up a notch about two-and-a-half minutes in, during the bridge.

Overall, though, his dreamy style asserts itself through and through, as he promises "I won't make a fool out of you / I'm not a perfect man / But baby give me the chance / My heart will be loyal." The song has a low key, almost '90s-era energy to it. Wanna slow dance at prom? Well, you can, courtesy of Marcus Canty's 'Won't Make a Fool Out of You.'

Remember, Marcus and his mama made a deal that if he didn't make it in the music biz within a year, he had to go to college. Well, Marcus won that bet, as his future looks long and bright, thanks to this song. Since his mentor L.A. Reid runs the show over at his new label, it was a foregone conclusion that Canty would get signed. Now he can show the world what he's really made of.

Listen to Marcus Canty 'Won't Make a Fool Out of You'