Marcus Canty was always one of the most likable contestants on 'X Factor,' but even with last night's elimination, the singer remains as affable and as positive as ever -- so much so that we're still rooting for him! It's onward and upward for Marcus Canty.

Post elimination, Canty told The Hollywood Reporter, "I learned to always have positive energy on the show. That's what it's about -- it’s how you keep fighting." He admits to having no premonition about his fate, saying, "I didn't know what was gonna happen." He left it up to a higher power, and no, we're not talking about the American voting public, either. Canty said, "I was like, ‘It's all up to you, God. Whatever you say.’ I'm here. He brought me this far."

Canty, 20, tried out for the show as a last hurrah, since his mother told him he had a year to forge a career in entertainment or he had to go to college and pursue another path. Even though Canty isn't moving on to the finals, he likely won't have to take classes at the local learning institution. "I'm one to step outside the box. I'm not scared of anything," Canty said.  "I'll come out and do it my way and enjoy every moment," he said about his approach to singing and performing.

He also enjoys the spotlight being focused squarely on him. "I'm an entertainer. I can make my own stadium," Canty asserted. With that kind of confidence, we have not seen or heard the end of Marcus Canty. Hopefully his mentor L.A. Reid can make a few calls on his behalf.