Marcus Canty, 20, got a two-year window from his mom. He could pursue a career in entertainment for two years and if it didn't work at the end of that time frame, he would have to put music on the backburner and go to school to get a degree. Well, Canty got an extension of those two years because he was upstreamed on 'X Factor.'

Canty, who sings and play basketball and watches children at the church, could not be more all-American. And boy can he dance. Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger got up out of their seats and grooved while her performed. Canty fully engaged the audience, which was picking up what he was putting down.

He collapsed in a heap after his performance, overcome with emotion. It was dramatic, but the crowd was certainly feeling it. L.A. Reid compared him to Bobby Brown, who he worked with in the early days, while Simon Cowell likened him to Usher. Those were big compliments, but Canty was deserving. Cowell said, "You are one to watch."

Canty's mom is probably happy she gave her talented son two years to pursue his dreams. Let's see where it takes him!

Watch Marcus Canty Perform on the 'X Factor'