Queen Mariah Carey's shade-filled "Infinity," the sole new selection off of her upcoming greatest #1 To Infinity, has already been rendered an instant classic in the legendary Mimi oeuvre thanks to the inclusion of one perfectly crunchy kiss-off: "Boy, you actin' so corny like Fritos."

Fritos! And of course, in true Mariah Carey fashion, she's well aware that you'll be lovin' Fritos long time.

Just before her #1's residency kicks off tonight in Las Vegas, the "#Beautiful" diva decided to drop by Funny Or Die studios for a festive moment of gypsy Frito whatever.

You can forget about that multi-album deal she recently inked with Epic Records, because a Mariah Carey cooking show is officially the most important thing she needs to do after that Vegas residency ends. Like...crucial. Call it...The Elusive Cuisinuese.

There are way, way too many things to love about the Elusive Chanteuse's cooking segment, Cooking With Mariah Carey...And Also With Bryan, in which the two cook a Frito pie. Actually, Mariah cooks the pie...Bryan just watches with a kind of gleeful terror.

And as Mimi piles on the gross ingredients one after another with her surgical gloves (and a massive piece of butterfly bling on her finger, of course), she explains the true story behind that line. (Frito, a former Italian lover who stole her car!)

Later on, Mimi debates throwing Fritos into her other songs, casually crooning her classics. ("Dream Frito, come rescue me" sounds quite amazing, actually.) Director Brett Ratner stops by to taste her horrifying concoction as well. There's some possible Eminem (or M&M's) shade. ("It's just not deep enough subject matter for me.") The best moments, however, are probably when Mimi stops everything to step back and shake her hair back into place. Shake, shake it off, girl!

If you weren't a card-carrying member of the Lambily before, you probably are now, dahhhling.

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