Mariah Carey didn't cringe when appearing on 'Watch What Happens Live' (Dec. 22) as host Andy Cohen ambushed her with queries about "The G Word," aka her awful 2001 film 'Glitter.' She handled it like the pro diva she is. She also fielded an Eminem question with humor.

Cohen didn't lob any softballs but this is Mimi. She can handle anything tossed her way. He flat out asked her if she looks back at that period in the early' '00s, which included her mini meltdown, with any sort of fondness?

"'Glitter' is a kitsch moment in history… of my life," Mimi said with all the grace, class and sophistication we have come to expect from her. She then intimated that the film was hastily put together and if it had a stronger guiding force, it might not have been such an embarrassment for her. She also admitted that the film was referred to as "The G Word" amongst her inner circle.

Still, she was able to look back at clips from the film during the segment with a sense of humor!

Mimi also admitted that she liked the soundtrack and that it failed since she tried to bring the '80s back too early. Turns out she was actually way ahead of the curve.

When asked to say three nice things about Em, as part of a regular feature on the show, she went the candy route and talked about M&Ms, since she and Slim Shady are nemeses. She shaded Shady by saying the candies are portable. Seems that Mimi was following that age old concept: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.