Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have shared more photos of Dem Babies -- Monroe and Moroccan. Warning: The twins are to die for. They will suck you into their vortex of cuteness, since their proud parents posted a treasure trove of images.

The tots, who turned 1 on April 30, are getting so big! Those curls! Those smiles! They are utterly presh. We just want to scoop 'em up and squeeze 'em.

Our favorites are the ones where they are nestled in mom's arms or playing with toilet paper. Carey and Cannon have essentially shared their digital photo album with us, letting fans in on the twins' progress and development.

One thing we noticed from these photos, besides the fact that Roc and Roe are adorable and well-dressed tots? Doesn't Moroccan act like a ham like his dad? Check out that goofy, infectious grin and how he's covering his face in that one shot! It's so Nick Cannon of him. Like father, like son. And Monroe is a diva-in-training. You can see her nuzzling foreheads with her mommy and already establishing her sense of style. These two are set up to be heartbreakers!

They appear to be well-adjusted, happy babies. They look like the happiest set of twins out there. Except maybe for Max and Emme, who are J. Lo's twins.

Maybe the Mimi (the incoming 'American Idol' judge), and La Lopez (the outgoing 'Idol' judge), will get together for some twin playdates and diva time! Could you imagine?

Take a gander at these absolutely gorgeous photos of Roc and Roe. We can guarantee you'll "oooh and aaah!"

There are more here.

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