Mariah Carey had an off night during the kickoff show of her Elusive Chanteuse Show tour, performing off-key during her concert in Japan over the weekend.

Multiple videos have emerged of the 'Always Be My Baby' singer hitting sour notes she was once able to belt out impressively. And unfortunately, it wasn't just her voice that brought her down: Her microphone stand broke mid-song as well, leaving her flustered.

While it is unclear what caused the iconic songstress to struggle with her voice (it is possible that she was hoarse, listening to her speak in between numbers), Carey still tried to push through the songs. And like many fans have commented on the videos: We have to give her props for singing live.

You can watch videos from Mariah Carey's Japanese concert above and below. Whatever caused her to have vocal problems, we hope she "shakes it off" soon!