Mariah Carey teased her lambs -- aka her fans -- on Twitter the other day, confirming that she is in the studio and has been "mixing up some concoctions." Sounds like Mimi is a musical bartender. She then tweeted a graphic with her initials, indicating that tunes will be coming Summer 2012. OMG, we're not worthy, we're not worthy.

Oh little lambs, can we expect a new Mariah Carey single? A new album? A soundtrack contribution? A free download? Some live material? Summer "officially" began this week and it's certainly a ripe time for Mrs. Nick Cannon and the mother of Dem Babies to get back to doing what does best -- and that's hitting dem octaves with that glass shattering voice of hers.

Carey's tweets are certainly teases, since there is little detail, but she's got us totally wrapped around her well-manicured finger with curiosity and anxiety. While she did perform an Obama tribute recently, we're dying for more deets on this on deck material. Wouldn't it be adorbs if she included coos and/or vocal sounds made by her year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan?

Below are the singer's tweets.

Watch Part of Mariah Carey's Obama Tribute