Hot. That's about the best way we can describe not the weather, but Mariah Carey's brand-new single 'Triumphant (Get 'Em),' featuring Maybach Music Group's Rick Ross and Meek Mill. Mariah goes Maybach and the result is nothing short of stellar.

In a landscape that is dominated by uptempo, synthy tracks loaded with overly processed vocals, it left us wondering exactly where Carey's vocal acrobatics could or would fit in in 2012. She uses her best asset -- that gorgeous voice -- to her benefit, but thankfully, she's not overdoing it and shattering glass with her mega octaves. There is a time and place for that, but it's not in the space of this particular song. Instead, Carey exercises taut control and that's why the song is pretty incredible.

Carey's honeyed voice is perfectly matched by Ricky Rozay's lower rumble and Meek Mill's bold, energetic delivery. Ultimately, it's a classic Mariah Carey track, lacing potent R&B beats and vocal patterns with an urban street edge.

The disparity of the tones of the voices on the song give it rich, unpredictable texture. It's layered, with Mariah's sweet harmonies living under and over the raps of Ross and Mill. Carey holds her own with the boys on the jam. It's not uptempo; it's actually much more mid-tempo and chillaxed. It's classic Carey without sounding dated. She stays modernized with Maybach.

Lyrically, the song is uplifting and positive. When she sings "Keep on living" in the chorus, it's a simple but inspirational phrase that is also  fun to sing along to.

Late summer has found its low ridin' jam with 'Triumphant.'