Mariah Carey surprised ‘Today’ audiences by premiering a new song, ‘You Don’t Know What to Do,’ from her upcoming studio album.

The seasoned singer performed a three-song set at the Toyota Summer Concert Series, including her hits ‘Touch My Body’ and ‘Always Be My Baby.’ To mix up the old with the new, Mariah broke out a previously unheard song from her fourteenth (wow!) album, set for release on May 27.

Based on the songs that have been revealed so far from ‘Me. I am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse,’ such as the singles ‘Beautiful’ and ‘You’re Mine (Eternal),’ it seems like the 44-year-old singer is going for a mash-up of classic Mariah and more contemporary R&B/hip-hop influences.

Mariah’s ‘Today’ performance proves that even with over two decades of a music career behind her, her powerful voice is still amazing at hitting those notes and belting out that impressive bridge in ‘Always Be My Baby.’ (She did mess up a few of the lyrics, but we’ll cut her a break — it’s probably been a while since she had to perform it!)

Check out the video of Mariah Carey’s ‘You Don’t Know What to Do’ up above!