No one does a somber sounding song called ‘Happy’ quite like Marina and the Diamonds. As part of the promotion for her upcoming third album, entitled ‘Froot,’ Marina announced she would be releasing a new track off her album once a month leading up to its ultimate release date of April 3, 2015. Cue the realization that we aren't nearly as patient as we once believed we were, because we've been wringing our hands in anticipation for 'Happy' ever since we found out about its eventual release.

The wait was well worth it, because ‘Happy’ is crazy beautiful. We’d usually expect an upbeat song out of something titled ‘Happy,’ but, never one to do the expected, Marina delivers an emotional track that lets us know just how she arrived at the current place in her life that allows for her to feel happy. And the accompanying acoustic video she shot for it is beyond beautiful. We’re not gonna lie, we never thought a song called ‘Happy’ could tug at our heartstrings like this.

Usually one for more quirky fashion choices, Marina decided to go for an understated look in this video, really allowing the listener (or viewer, in this case) to focus on the song. And with Marina's haunting vocals paired with the stripped back nature of the acoustic track and the setup of the video, it all perfectly aligns for a truly moving pop video.

We seriously can’t wait to see what she has lined up for January, but in the mean time we'll be watching this video (not to mention her super fun title track 'Froot') on repeat. Check it out above and let us know if you love it just as much as we do!