Charli XCX and Marina and the Diamonds have toured North America together and even collaborated on a song at one point, but a recent photo shoot just brought the two a little too close for comfort.

As part of her collaboration with Impulse, a fragrance company in the UK, Charli teamed up with photographer Charlotte Rutherford for a photo shoot to advertise her new "Why Not?" limited edition spray.

Only problem? The neon jungle set looked a whole lot like the shoot for Marina's "Immortal" cover art from her Froot campaign, which Rutherford shot for Marina — and not only did Marina's observant Diamonds notice, but the singer herself did too.

"That FROOT looks familiar!" Marina reportedly wrote on a now-deleted photo from the campaign on Rutherford's Instagram. (Screenshots provided above.) Later on, Marina alluded to the situation again on Twitter.

"Imagery is artistic property. Please respect your fellow artists," she wrote.


In what was a rather classy move, rather than spiraling into a subtweet war, Charli posted a very honest message on her Instagram explaining the situation, confirming that the two shoots indeed looked familiar.

"You know what, sometimes you do a photoshoot standing infront of a plant, sometimes you do a photoshoot in black and white, sometimes you wear purple eyeshadow. Sometimes you shoot with the same photographer a fellow artist has shot with. That's just how things happen in the industry I work in," Charli explained in a lengthy post on Instagram this morning (March 11).

"I had not seen the artwork for the Marina And The Diamonds (@marinagrams) song 'Immortal', and it was not an inspiration for this photoshoot or the campaign as a whole. I've seen it now, and yeah unfortunately it looks similar. It was shot by the same, incredibly talented photographer, and it's a shame for both myself and Marina that this has happened. I'm not here to replicate or 'steal' art or things that have already been done. What's the point in that? I'm here to do my own thing and create my own art."

".@MarinasDiamonds i'm guessing this is aimed at me. if so, response posted here. sending positive vibes 💜✌️ ," she wrote in a message to Marina on Twitter, adding: "fyi i'm not shading/dragging/beefing. that's not something I do. I'm just being direct and setting the record straight. 💜"

The photographer has yet to respond on social media, although it would seem that if Marina's Diamonds and Charli's Angels were to be upset at anyone in this situation, it would be the professional who styled and shot the photos for both artists — not the artists themselves. Play nice, fans.

See Charli's full message below.

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