With Marina + the Diamonds about to kick off a tour with Charli XCX on May 6, what better way to celebrate the road trip than with a collaborative track that equals the temperature of lava?

The ladies have offered up their sexy, synthy and sultry collabo 'Just Desserts' and it's yummy. Yeah, we said it. The door was open, so we went in.

The song, which opens with a haunting vocal and is followed by Charli's raps, where you can hear her thick British brogue, is built on the idea that nothing is quite as cavity-causing or as sweet as good old fashioned revenge. Sure, it's a dish that's best served on the chilly side, but Marina + the Diamonds and Charli XCX make it sound like something that sizzles on a hot plate.

We love the serpentine way their voices wrap around one another and collide throughout the song. It's high vocal drama and it gave us goosies.

When the ladies coo, "Yeah baby I know that it hurts / When you're about to get your just desserts," you better step back, since their voices make revenge sound delightful and desirable while they suckerpunch ya with words. Gents, these are two paths you do not want to cross and two women you do not want to scorn. Rawr!

Listen to Marina + the Diamonds + Charli XCX, 'Just Deserts'