Charli XCX has praised Sam Smith for being able to "withstand" the hateful comments they have faced online since the pair announced their collaboration.

The "Speed Drive" hit-maker and the "Unholy" star recently announced they are releasing the song "In the City" this week, and days before the track's release, Charli has addressed the backlash she has faced for teaming up with the star after her Instagram comments section was left with calls for her to release a solo version of the song.

Addressing the negative comments Sam has received online, Charli shared in a TikTok on Tuesday (Oct. 17): "I'm about to release a song with Sam Smith, and the experience so far has been really interesting, because never in my life, have I seen somebody receive so many hateful comments online.

"It's honestly been really disheartening, but at the same time, I'm so proud of Sam's ability to withstand that, because I know that I certainly couldn't withstand it.

"So I just want to say, Sam, I love you and I love our song together, and I am in awe of your strength."

Sam is often trolled for their fashion choices and physical appearance, and their "Unholy" collaborator Kim Petras also previously praised the way they handle the nastiness.

The pop stars hit the headlines after their Grammys and BRIT Awards performances earlier this year when the pair caused a stir with their hell-themed rendition of the hit.

It led to Sam being mocked for their appearance, but Kim said the "I'm Not Here to Make Friends" singer takes it all on the chin and has shown her how to deal with negativity.

Speaking to, Kim said: "It was an incredible journey truly, I had so much fun with Sam and I think we together felt very strong on stage and gave each other lots of confidence.

"I feel like I’ve learned a lot from Sam regarding how to handle media and people commenting on your appearance, looks, your body. People were really harsh to Sam but I was very impressed to see how Sam handled all of that and didn’t let it get close.

"It’s so tough sometimes, you go through comments or press stuff and you’re like, oh my God everyone hates me. But give it a few hours, touch grass and breathe and let it go by."

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