For those of you who remain a little worse for wear following a particularly raucous New Year's Eve celebration, we're right there with you. Maybe you're experiencing a minor setback in your well-meaning resolutions, and you need a gentle reaffirmation that you can still reach your vague goal of Being A Better, More Responsible You, even after beginning 2016 by guzzling half a bottle of tequila and hooking up with a coworker's friend. Look no further than Marina and the Diamonds' delicate (and updated!) cover of Cyndi Lauper's iconic '80s hit "True Colors" for all your feel-good needs.

Marina (who happens to be on the majority of our Best Of 2015 Lists, by the way) kept the cover simple, backed solely by a light piano arrangement, to better showcase her vocals. She also trimmed the length of the song, still packing an emotional punch in nearly half the track's original time. According to fans, the "True Colors" cover was reportedly set to be part of a reissue of Marina's stellar third album Froot, though she's since scrapped the release.

Marina alerted fans to the cover via Twitter earlier today (January 5), writing, "Happy New Year to you all. I recorded a cover of a @CyndiLauper song. Here it is," before posting a link to the video.

Happy New Year, indeed. Listen to Marina's cover of "True Colors" in the video above.

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