Maroon 5 premiered the video for their new single, 'Maps,' and wow, is it intense.

The music vid wastes no time with cutting straight to the dramatics and begins with Adam Levine rushing to the hospital, only to find his girlfriend brutally wounded and bloodied on the operating table after being struck by a car. (Be warned: This video does not shy away from the gory.)

The video then enters a series of flashbacks that show Levine and his lady love estranged at a party. As he continues to pound back drinks, he gets entangled with another woman at the bash, which causes his girlfriend to run off -- where she is then hit by a car and thrown onto the hood on impact. But the saddest scene of all may be towards the end of the vid, when you see Levine and the girl in happier times, before everything went wrong. Heartbreaking.

Check out Maroon 5's 'Maps' video above.